Mathias Key Fantasy

  • Sherangivan cover

    A Tale of Esseduin

    A new city on the rivers, its walls pristine and untested.

    Encroaching strangers, aggressive, seeking a new land of their own.

    A brutal triple murder in the woods.

    And a young man caught in the middle of it all, tormented by dreams he doesn't understand.

  • The Days of the Bluestar

    Peramnes Bashtans' prophecy of devastation sweeps through a people already battered and torn by the relentless impulses of talieth and vargoda. For those who must cling to each other for survival in a harsh land, nothing is worse than dispersal.


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Advance Reviews

"Few fantasy books can capture city sieges as well as this author... This is an easy book to recommend to fantasy and adventure fans."

Mark Heisey, US Review of Books

"Jacqueline Fellows weaves a compelling story of a young man who struggles with alien forces both within and outside of himself, drawing readers into a moving tale replete with demons and discoveries.... Libraries and readers looking for evocative blends of murder mystery, fantasy, and shifting interpersonal relationships under siege will find that The Sherangivan paints a vivid world, filling it with characters that prove believable and courageous in satisfyingly different ways."

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review; Editor, Donovan's Literary Services

Sherangivan: back cover detail

"Masterly world-building, compelling characters, and an intense, exciting narrative. I really enjoyed this book!"

Reina Callier, University of Colorado