Shipping, money, etc.:

What is your shipping policy?

See here.

What is your return policy?  Refunds?

If you received a book that is significantly damaged or otherwise sub-par, e-mail us at admin@mathiaskeyfantasy.com with photographic evidence for a refund. Returns will not be accepted.

What about sales tax?

Sales tax is included in the posted price of each item.


What's the difference between the orange and silver versions of The Sherangivan?

The only difference is the color scheme on the cover.  It's like ordering a white t-shirt versus a blue one.  If you want to order multiple books in different colors without submitting separate orders, just send your color preferences to admin@mathiaskeyfantasy.com.

What is the format of the e-books?

E-books are in the epub format, which is compatible with most readers; a Kindle may not recognize the file unless you e-mail it to your device (i.e. send it using your name@kindle.com address).  If you would like to test epub on your reader before making a purchase, you can download the free "sample."  If you decide you want the e-book in another format (either because your device doesn't work with epubs or because you have a different personal preference), the file can easily be converted using a program called calibre.

How big are the e-book files?

The Sherangivan is 4.18 MB.  The Devils' Crucible is 1.87 MB.

Do the e-books use DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

There is no DRM attached to our e-books.  They are, however, protected by copyright law.  If you want to give an e-book as a gift, please purchase a new copy, as you would with a physical book.