About Mathias Key

MKF publishes epic fantasy from the Old West.  Our work is characterized by the Wyoming values of industry and independence; our books are about courage and resilience, friendship and loyalty, coming of age, and the search for identity (which does not always end with adulthood).

"We" at Mathias Key are a one-person operation: writing, editing, cover art (design and execution), printing, binding, and sales are all done by Jacqueline Fellows at her home base in Riverton, Wyoming.  This set-up allows a significant amount of personalization.  You can choose, for instance, between two color schemes for The Sherangivan (the book itself being exactly the same otherwise) because different people have expressed a preference for one or the other.  Why not offer both?

Personalization is also possible, within certain practical parameters.  If you would like your copy personalized in some way, just let us know at admin@mathiaskeyfantasy.com or jackie@mathiaskeyfantasy.com!